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Microsoft 6UA-00582 Windows Small Business CAL Ste 2008 English 1pk License Only

Unit Price:
Status: Available
Format: OEM Version
Manufacturer: Microsoft Server 2008
Item# 2205857

30 Day Warranty by Pixel USA
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Brand Microsoft
Model 6UA-00582
Name Windows Small Bus CAL Ste 2008 English 1pk DSP OEI 1 Clt User CAL
Features With Windows Small Business Server 2008, use of server services does not activate CALs. Instead, businesses choose how CALs will be used based on how the server needs to be accessed on a regular basis. Both editions of Windows Small Business Server 2008 offer two types of CALs to choose from: device-based (device CALs) or user-based (user CALs) options. These options give you the flexibility to choose the CAL that best suits your organization.User CALsWith user CALs, you acquire a CAL for individuals who are given named access to your server. Licensed users can access the server from any device. User CALs might make the most sense for an organization that has many roaming employees who need access to the corporate network from mobile devices or employees who use multiple devices to access the network. You can reallocate a user CAL if a reassignment is permanent. You can also temporarily reassign a user CAL if the user is on leave or the device is disabled.


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