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Cisco SFE2000P 24-PORT 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch

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Status: Available
Format: Retail Box
Manufacturer: Cisco
Item# 2204340


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Brand Cisco
Model SFE2000P
Standards 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet802.3ab 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet802.3z Gigabit Ethernet802.3x Flow Control802.3 ad LACP802.3af POE802.1d STP802.1Q/p VLAN802.1w Rapid STP802.1s Multiple STP802.1x Port Access Authentication
Jumbo Frames 1600 bytes
Ports 24 x RJ-45 connectors for 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX4 x 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000Base-T with 2 Gigabit combo ports shared between miniGBIC portsConsole portAuto MDI/MDI-XAutonegotiate/Manual settingRPS port for connecting to Redundant Power Supply unit
Speed 10/100Mbps + 1000Mbps
MAC Address Table 8K
Switching Method Store and Forward
Security IEEE 802.1x:802.1x - RADIUS Authentication. MD5 HashGuest VLANSingle/Multiple Host modeAccess Control:ACLs - Drop or Rate Limit based on:Source and Destination MAC-basedSource and Destination IP addressProtocolPortVLANDSCP/IP PrecedenceTCP/UDP Source and Destination ports802.1p priorityEthernet TypeICMP packetsIGMP packetsUp to 1018 rules
Cabling UTP CAT 5 or better for 10BASE-T/100BASE-TXUTP CAT 5e or better for 1000BASE-T
LEDs PWR, Fan, Link/Act, PoE, Speed, RPS, Master, Stack ID 1 - 8
Button Reset Button
VLAN Support 256 active VLANs (4096 range)Port-based and 802.1Q Tag-based VLANsProtocol-based VLANManagement VLANPrivate VLAN Edge (PVE)GVRP
Power 48VDC
Dimensions 17.3" x 14.7" x 1.7"
Weight 10.9 lbs.
Temperature 0C to 40C (32F to 104F)
Humidity 10%-90%, Non-condensing
Features POE: IEEE 802.3af PoE on delivered over any of the 24 10/100 ports, Power budget allows for max power of 15.4W on, up to 12 ports simultaneouslySwitching Capacity: Up to 12.8 Gbps, non-blocStack Operation: Up to 8 units in a stack (192 ports)Hot Insertion and removalRing and Chain stacking optionsMaster and Backup master for resilient stack controlAuto-numbering or manual configuration of units in stackHOL Blocking: Head of line blocking preventionLayer 3 options: Static RoutingCIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing)128 Static RoutesIPv4Forwarding in silicon - Wirespeed forwarding of layer 3 trafficWeb User Interface: Built-in Web UI for easy browser-based configuration (HTTP/HTTPS)SNMP: SNMP version 1, 2c, 3 with support for trapsSNMP MIBs: RFC1213 MIB-2, RFC2863 Interface MIB, RFC2665 Ether-like MIB, RFC1493 Bridge MIB, RFC2674 Extended Bridge MIB (P-bridge, Q-bridge), RFC2819 RMON MIB (groups 1,2,3,9 only), RFC2737 Entity MIB, RFC3621 Power Ethernet MIB, RFC 2618 RADIUS Client MIB RFC 1215 TrapsRMON: Embedded Remote Monitoring (RMON) software agent supports four RMON groups (history, statistics, alarms, and events) for enhanced traffic management, monitoring, and analysisFirmware Upgrade: Web Browser upgrade (HTTP) and TFTP, Dual images for resilient firmware upgradesPort Mirroring: Traffic on a port can be mirrored to another port for analysis with a network analyzer or RMON probeTracerouteSingle IP ManagementSecure Socket Layer (SSL) security for Web UISecure Shell (SSH)RADIUSPort mirroringTFTP upgradeDHCP clientBootPSNTPXmodem upgradeCable diagnosticsPINGSyslogTelnet client (SSH secure support)Link Aggregation: Link Aggregation using IEEE 802.3ad LACP, Up to 8 ports in up to 8 groupsStorm Control: Broadcast and Multicast Storm protectionDOS prevention: DOS Attack prevention
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited


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