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COOLMAX PS-124 power supply tester

Unit Price:
Status: Available
Format: Retail Box
Manufacturer: COOLMAX
Item# 2205524

30 Day Warranty by Pixel USA
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Model PS-124
Specifications 24-pin Power ConnectorPower HDD ConnectorPower P4 ConnectorPower Floppy Connector
Features This product is a simple tester for switching power supply. It makes it easy to test the power supply output.1. Turn-on your power supply.2. Plug-in your 24 pin power supply connector to mini tester3. Check LED light it ON or OFF(+5V. +12V. +3.3V. -5V. -12V. +5VBS. PG)- If the power output is working, the LED will light and you will hear a sound- If the power output fails, you won't see the LED light & no sound4. Plug the HDD con, check +12V, +5V5. Remove HDD, Plug p4(p6/p8)con, check +12V6. Remove p4(p6/p8)con, plug FLOPPY con, check +12V, +5V7. Remove Floppy con, plug SATA con, check +12V, +5V, +3.3V8. Do not plug wrong position when you use P4 connectorWarning:This product is designed only for power supply output tests. Do not leave it connected to the power supply unattended. It generates heat and could possibly damage your power supply.
Parts 1 year limited


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