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PixelUSA has been providing high quality technology and computer support IT Management services for over 15 years. We are system builder and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We provide computer services, network installation and customized Workstation, Server, Appliances, Redering Server, Cluster, Blade and Storage Solutions to all end user or small business, corporation, Governments and Universities.It is our focus on customer loyalty that has made us successful. We are able to meet all of our customer's technology needs.

We meet the ever changing technology needs of our customers by providing high quality flexibility cost effective solutions, whether it is a custom built Server, Workstation, or some other computer peripheral. Our highly trained technical support staff is able to resolve problems across both Windows and Linux platforms. So if you have a problem with Windows workstation or Windows server we can solve it. We love Linux in all of its flavors and this in-depth knowledge allows efficient resolution of your problems.

So if you need a solution for your business we have the answer. We can deploy custom configured Workstations or Server from 1 to 100 quickly and cost effectively. We can help with the deployment of a single Windows or Linux Server or if you need more sophisticated setup, we can also deploy a server farm or anything in between.

This is why both small and large companies alike have come to rely on our highly skilled engineers. Below is just a few of the companies that have come to trust us. Once you experience our support we are certain you will trust us also. Customer loyalty is everything and customer service is the key.




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